How to improve email open rates?

So, you would like to improve your email marketing results.

When you hit send, the response to your email marketing campaign is less or not up to the mark.

We know, this sucks!

As an business, when you are saving every single penny! You don’t want your resources to go waste!

In this post, we are going to discuss ways to improve email open rates.

But let’s first try to understand, why people don’t open your emails?

  • You don’t provide them value
  • Click bait subject line
  • Sending email at the wrong time
  • Sending too many emails

These are few reason why people don’t open your email!

Now let’s try to understand, strategies to improve your open rate

  1. Clean your email list at least monthly
  2. Study your industry email open rates
  3. Avoid spammy emails

Clean your email list at least monthly

Yes, you may not be aware but your email list may not be clean.

You are sending email to

  • Email address which don’t exists like
  • Your email list has emails with spelling mistake johndoe@gmail.con
  • Email address which are disposable temporary email like

Now the problem is, all email like this get bounced!

Which sends a red signal when lots of your email get bounced!

This has another disadvantage, your efforts are getting wasted!

So first of all make sure you clean your email list. You can also speak to our email list cleaning experts about this or ask your specific question in our email marketing forum

Study your industry email open rate

Not everything is your fault. You have to understand, based on your industry, email open rate is different!

If you are somewhere near the average email open rate of your industry, then you are doing it right!

The above data is provide by MailChimp blog

IndustryAverage Open Rate
Consulting20.13 %
E-Commerce15.68 %
Education and Training23.42 %
Health and Fitness21.48 %
Insurance21.36 %
Legal22 %
Professional Services21.94 %
Real Estate19.17 %
Full data @ Mailchimp

Avoid salsy emails

If you are selling something, I’ll be the last person to buy it – anonymous person dodging salesman 😂

You have to accept it, people don’t have time these days!

People are consuming content in 15 seconds via tiktok, reels and shorts.

And when they open their email, all they find an email which is selling them something.

Subconsciously they reject it?

Why people avoid these kind of emails?

Because it does not add any value to their life! As simple as that!

So if you can start sending email which actually bring value to their life. It will not only improve open rate of your email but it will also help you get more subscribers faster.

But if still people are marking your email as spam, here are few things you can do to avoid it.

  • Send email to people who asked for it. Take their consent at least!
  • Use reputed email marketing tool like mailchimp, convertkit etc.
  • Personalise your email, don’t just copy and paste one email for everyone.
  • Don’t use words like buy, discount, free, last offer
  • Let them unsubscribe themselves. Yes it is 100 times better than being marked as spam.

Send email which are relevant to the reader

As a business, it is very easy for us to say we have 200,000 email subscribers to our blog.

But those 200,000 email addresses are 200,000 individual human beings.

If your goal to just land in their inbox then this could be the right strategy.

But if your goal is improving engagement rate. In that case. Divide your audience in similar smaller groups.

When you group your audience, you make your email more relevant to the reader.

This not only improves your open rate but also helps you get more engagement rate.

Example segments for restaurant email subscribers

  • Vegetarian
  • Non vegetarian
  • Vegan

Example segments for an online fashion retailer

  • Age Group
  • Fabric choice
  • Color choice

Win back your inactive subscribers

Your inactive subscribers are one offer away from becoming an active subscriber.

Create a list of subscribers which are not active, it depends on you what you call an inactive subscriber.

Send them emails related to offers, casual hi email or emails about your industry and what you as a business doing.

And if they are still not engaging with your email.

Provide them options to permanently remove themselves from your list.

Let subscriber decide what kind of email they want to consume

Yes, it is possible!

Your audience don’t hate you, they simply don’t like certain kind of email you are sending them.

If someone sign ups for your products and services, you can simply ask them what kind of email they want to consume.

This not only helps you win trust of your subscriber but in longer run helps you focus your resources to right set of users.

DigitalOcean, a cloud platform enables you decide the kind of email you want to see in your inbox.

Email marketing is one only platform where you control your audience but sometimes it gets difficult to manage it.

One of the worst thing that can happen to you? Your emails are landing in spam folder and it sucks when you have to call someone to mention that please check your spam box.

Follow the above steps to reduce the chance of landing on spam folder and increase your open rate.

So which point do you think can help you the most? Drop your questions in the comment down below!

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