How to automate your eCommerce store? Including strategies

When your business is 24 x 7, it becomes almost impossible to hire a person for that task. Humans being can be good in doing certain task but they are not great in doing same task again and again.

And that is why, your ecommerce store needs ways to automation strategies.

This not only helps you scale your operations but also help you make the most of human talent.

Advantages of having automation

As a small business, you can do almost anything! But should you? The answer is no!

In order to increase your revenue, you can either hire more people do that task for you or you can hire couple of people who can help you automate those tasks for you.

With automation…

Your become more efficient

If you have to do tasks which have repeating steps, they not only become prone to mistakes but also become bottleneck for your who operations.

Consider, where if customer cancels the order, you have to manually return the amount to their bank account.

Now if a human being has to do it manually, it will create a bottleneck.

But companies like Amazon, eBay, Google, Microsoft have automated the process and that is why they are getting more efficient.

Your accuracy increases

Machines don’t hate when you ask them to do something again and again.

Consider the above example of refund.

A human, who has to process let’s say 1000 refunds a day, may refund $100 or even $1000. Just one single 0 and your company just lost $900.

When you automate things, you also make yourself more accurate.

You become more productivity

When you automate one process of your operation. You become more productive.

As you and your organisation is moving away from mistakes and inefficiency.

You are able to serve more customers. You are able to process more.

eCommerce workflow automation

As an ecommerce business, it is important to implement workflow automation, but more than that? Where to implement the workflow automation.

You cannot automate all things but you can start with smaller steps and gradually move ahead.

If you are not able to decide where to start, then focus on tasks which are the biggest bottleneck for your operations or processes which are repetitive but still completed by a human being.

Following areas are must to have workflow automation, if you are thinking of scaling your operations.

  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Order Management
  • Vendor and Inventory Management
  • Sales

Automate customer support!

When it comes to customers support, it can make or break your whole business.

Here are the main problems faced by customers when the are shopping online

  • Tracking orders
  • Refund request
  • Exchange
  • Questions about products

Tracking orders – Provide a tracking number to customers when you ship their order. Instead of manually emailing them the shipping number, integrate it with shipping vendor’s api. So when they receive it, customer is automatically informed about the shipping number or tracking code.

Connect your shopify store with ups tracking API

Connect your shopify store with DHL tracking API

Refund request and Exchange – Ever store has a refund request policy, now if your store has 30 refund request policy, you don’t have customers who have received the order 35 days ago raise a refund request.

Because if you have to manually check this, it is going to take forever.


If someone has made the refund request, if you have accepted the request, you should automatically refund the amount directly to their bank account aka reverse the charges.

Checkout Return & Exchange Portal by ReturnGO – Return Management, Policy, Store Credit, Exchanges and Refunds

What is ecommerce automation?

eCommerce automation is the process where you replace the repetitive task. It helps you prevent the mistakes you will make if you have to do manually?

Why eCommerce automation is important?

eCommerce automation is important because it helps you from making same mistake again and again. This helps you scale up your operations at larger level without increasing the head count.
For example, if someone is cancelling the order. Instead of manually refunding them, you can automate the process.

eCommerce automation is safe?

Yes, eCommerce automation is safe. Once you are sure that automation is following the logic, then you don’t have to to do anything else.

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