Taboola Ads for Business 2021

If you want traffic but don’t like to be bullied by google or facebook, then taboola ads are for you.

In this blog post we are going to touch following points about Taboola ads

  • What is Native Advertising?
  • What are Taboola Ad?
  • How Taboola ads look?
  • Pricing of Taboola Ad
  • Inside a Taboola Ad
  • Taboola ads for your brand?
  • Conclusion

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a way to include sponsored content in your web page so it feels part of that content, which sometimes is hard to distinguish.

It blends so well with the content that it becomes next to impossible to find if that link is a sponsored link or part of that content.

Since a typical ad banner stands out, human beings have developed a skill to ignore that part of page and skip through, which as usual not appreciated by the marketers.

Example of an Ad Banner, this won’t land you anywhere.

Chances are that you may have ignored the above image, don’t worry you can look that image, it is not an ad 🙂

Example of a Native Ad

As a part of explaining native ads, we have placed this link, Why your brand should be investing in native ads? which feels like a part of the content but this will take you whole different page. The advertisers.

Don’t worry, if you clicked on that link, it won’t land you anywhere, we are just trying to explain how native ads look.

There are majorly three types of native ads

  • In Feed Ads – Type of ads you usually see on Facebook & Instagram
  • Search Ads – Type of ads you usually see while doing Google search
  • Content Recommendation – Ads which you usually see embedded with the blog or the article.

What are Taboola Ads?

Taboola ads are native ads which are placed on different websites which depicts as part of content instead of a typical ads which is usually ignore about the visitor.

They mention that by using their platform, as a business you can

  • Reach new audience.
  • Create Meaningful engagement.
  • Drive results that matter.

Taboola claims that their ads are shown in trust websites to more than a billion users

The above screenshot was taken from their website where they have claimed that your ads can be shown on some of the famous websites of the internet and many more.

This gives marketers and businesses a leverage over other platforms, you can directly target a website and hence you can target that niche of audience, which also happens to be your customers.

How Taboola Ads Look?

Well if you are not living under the rock, you must have seen something like this before, if not! welcome to the internet.

The above screenshot was taken from their demo ads page. This tool is also used to see preview of your ads and how they will look to the end users.

You need to know that your ads are distinguished with the words like Sponsored so the person clicking on the ads knows that.

Pricing of Taboola Ads

Taboola ads offer 2 kind of pricing model

  • CPC – Cost per click, where you pay for everytime someone clicks on your ad.
  • CPM – Cost per mill, where you pay for a typical 1000 impression for your ad.

Your minimum budget should be $10 per day and maximum budget is $10,000 per day. Unlike other platforms you cannot set total budget for your campaign and divide across various days.

Inside a Taboola ads

Marketing Objective

You can set the kind of marketing objective you have, which is usually good when you have a clear end goal in mind.

  • Lead Generation – To generate leads, email signups and etc.
  • Online Purchase – When you want customers to buy your products
  • Brand Awareness – To raise awareness about your brand
  • Web Engagement – To increase engagement or increase traffic to your web pages
  • Mobile App Installs – To get people to download your apps

These marketing objectives are more than sufficient for marketers to meet their marketing objectives

Target Audience Location

You can target audience to a specific country, unfortunately we cannot choose more than one country for the same campaign.

Devices used by your Target Audience

You can also target a set what kind of devices your target audience is using. You do have the flexibility of choose all 3 options for a single campaign.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile


When it comes down to budget, you can create a campaign with the budget as low as $10 and as high as $10,000 per day.

Unlike other platforms, you are only limited to budgeting per day instead of choose a total budget for your campaign.

Cost Per Click

You can manually decided the cost you wish to pay per click, but your cpc must be at least $0.01 per click.

Taboola ads for your brand?

Depending on the type of industry you are in, taboola ads may work amazing for you. One of the unique thing about taboola is that they have almost all type of people consuming their ads.

They have people who have high paying capacity, they have people who have low paying capacity.

You can target audience based on what devices they are using or from where they are.

But one of the issue which many businesses have shared with us, taboola ads look click baits and decrease their brand identity.

Well that may or may not be true as almost everyone has their own way of looking at things.



  • Wide range of audience
  • Budget under my pocket
  • Ability to choose type of marketing objective
  • Easy to get started
  • Best of raising brand awareness


  • Limited targeting options
  • Limited type of ads
  • Limited or no access to where you ads are shown
  • Your ads are stuffed with other ads

thats all folks 🙂

If you are new to taboola or a brand looking to use native ads for your next marketing campaign, you can discuss your business goals with our team of experts who can help you get start today.

Schedule a call with our Taboola expert today.