Digital Marketing Strategies for Optometrist in 2021 to Attract Patients

Whether you are just opening your ophthalmology practice, purchased an ophthalmology practice, or have been in business for generations, an effective ophthalmology marketing plan is crucial to your practice’s success.

Still, many ophthalmologists don’t know where to start, what marketing channel is right for their practice, or how to measure the ROI of a successful marketing campaign. Your ophthalmology practice ought to consider consolidating both advanced and customary procedures into your ophthalmology office advertising plan. Because you’re busy running your practice, optometry marketing cannot be your priority.

Digital marketing is the practice of crafting a strong internet presence. This can be achieved with active social media pages, informative blogs, email campaigns, multimedia content, accurate directory listings, and most importantly your website. Online marketing and a strong internet presence for ophthalmology practice are crucial to generating new patients.

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Importance of Online Marketing for Optometrists

Today you face a rough economy that is keeping many patients on the sidelines. Then there are declining reimbursements, increased competition from the big store chains, and vision care chains. You may also be experiencing declining referrals from ophthalmologists, some of whom are marketing more aggressively for patients to diagnose and treat themselves rather than referring.

We recognize the difficulties you are facing. Our experts will work directly with you to devise and implement the best solutions for your optometry marketing needs, so you can focus on taking care of patients and helping them see the world.

Become a leader in vision care with proven, effective strategies.

As an optometrist, you know that it doesn’t matter that an eye exam is performed. What matters is how it’s performed. The exam must be conducted thoroughly and with an understanding of the patient’s individual concerns. Vision care marketing and digital strategies, or any other marketing strategy, must be precisely targeted.

Through following a strategy and effective plan for branding, public relations and communications, our experts will help your optometry practice serve more patients

  • Stake a unique, compelling position in your marketplace
  • Be recognizably different from the competition
  • Attract the right patients and customers
  • Provide optimal care and services
  • Maintain the highest standard of ethics

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Digital Marketing Strategies you can use for your Optometrist practice

Today, the most effective marketing channels are online. As an optometry practice, you have a lot of choices to browse with regards to advertising your optometry practice.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for optometry [Slow but long term Results]

The number one way to get in front of people looking for help is through search engine optimization (SEO). This puts you on the first page of Google’s results. Almost every single click for a search result ends up on the first page of Google, so the more real estate we have, the better.

The first step in SEO is knowing what people are searching for. This part of the process is known as Keyword Research and is an integral part of the SEO process.

If you know whether you can rank for your preferred keywords is almost entirely based upon your competition. If you have competition who has invested heavily in digital marketing and does well in search, it will be harder to beat them. However, if you have only 2-3 competitors in your city, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to rank fairly easily.

Content marketing for optometry [Slow but long Term Results]

Content marketing is exactly what it looks like — using original content to attract your target audience to your site. This content can take many forms, as long as it’s focused on topics that interest potential patients.

If you are not publishing original content on your website, blogging is a great way to start. A blog is a great way to share interesting and engaging information with your patients and the world. Regularly posting to your blog sends right signals to Google—search engines like websites with fresh content—and your patients.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements for optometry [Fast and Short Term Results]

The biggest search engine is Google. Google’s ad engine is called AdWords (recently updated to just “Ads”), and it’s one of the world’s most potent ad platforms. We can set up search-based ads based on keywords – similar to what we actually do in SEO. PPC stands for “pay-per-click”.

Pay Per Click Marketing for Optometry

You know all those ads in Google above and below your search results? Those are pay-per-click ads. These advertisements appear along with natural results at the top and sides of search engines, and you only pay for them when interested users click on them. As you are working on the SEO of your website to rank higher in Google, sometimes it helps to pay for clicks. If you want to be the top result for “optometrist in [your city name]” it may be useful to use some PPC while you’re getting your SEO work.

Online reputation management for optometry [Long Terms Results]

In addition to building a visual practice, another major factor in your success is your reputation. This matters both online and offline, but as it relates to your ability to market and acquire new clients, your online reputation is what we’re going to focus on.

Your online reputation is your “reviews”. If you’ve ever eaten at a new restaurant, you found it on Google or bought anything on Amazon. You’ve probably spent a fair bit of time reading reviews of that restaurant or product.

Reviews are a powerful tool for consumers to express their pleasure or displeasure in brands and businesses. As a local optometry practice, you should pay close attention to your online reviews.

It will really help you to optimize your optometrist practice.

Ask if someone visits your office and has a great experience, ask them to leave a review for you online. It’s pretty simple but often overlooked.

Although there are dozens of review platforms out there, in our experience there are three you should focus on the most. These are:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Social media marketing for optometry [Long Term Results]

There are over 2.13 BILLION people that use Facebook every month – that’s almost ⅓ of the world’s population. It’s a great place to start connecting with everyone that’s interacting with your practice. Make a page for your optometry practice and start growing your following. Make sure to share useful content and engage with your audience. Startup conversations and you’ll be amazed by the great community you can build on Facebook.

If you’re using social media as an optometrist marketing tactic, make sure you’re social! It won’t do your optometry practice any good if your pages aren’t being managed and updated regularly. Also, remember to respond to any questions or comments that are posted on your pages on time.

Email marketing for optometry [Long Term Results]

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it’s still one of the most effective for staying in touch with patients and encouraging repeat visits. That’s why it’s one of the best optometry marketing ideas.

Not everyone is ready to be a customer right now. Sometimes they want to learn more about your optometry practice or interesting articles you’ve written. As you collect website visitor emails and send out a newsletter, you’ll be in contact with your potential customers regularly. This ensures that you’ll be in front of mind as soon as they have a need that fits what your practice does.

Want to generate new leads with digital marketing for your Optometry practice?

You can kick start your online journey today and start generating leads from day 1. To learn more book a call with our experts and learn more about how strours helps optometry specialist with digital marketing strategies.

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