Alternative PPC platforms

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Promoted Pins, Amazon’s sponsored products, Microsoft Ads are the complete and one of the most famous online advertising platforms for a good reason. More than 48% of the market agency works with PPC ads to enhance their sales and leads.

If you are looking forward to advertising there, we have plenty of PPC guides to help you get started. Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn Ads. These are the ad platforms that we’re most drawn to, because they’re the platforms that we use most ourselves, and they’re both relatively well-known by users and marketers alike.

The more popular an ad platform is, however, the more difficult it may be to get results. But if you are after an alternative place to list your PPC ads, and often for a fraction of the cost-per-click and a more specific audience, one of these may take your fancy. If any advertisers that have missed out their target audience reach on these platforms need to focus somewhere else to increase their leads.

But not to worry we are here to help you out with better alternatives. We follow the proper strategy to help you out to reach maximum leads or sales.

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Amazon Ads

There are almost 300 million people that actively use Amazon. Making it an incredible advertising platform also as a worldwide powerhouse. Amazon may be a gamble for a little to medium-sized business, so confirm you’ve read abreast of the cons of this platform before committing. Currently, Amazon offers a variety of paid ads, display ads, including sponsored listings, and video ads to focus on customers at the top of their buying journey. Amazon makes a perfect location to put your shopping ads as people are at the ‘ready to buy’ stage of their customer journey. If you opt that Amazon isn’t currently a viable option for your brand, you ought to have a technique for handling the consequences of Amazon on your products. Because the stats above suggest, Amazon may be a disruption within the e-commerce space and can’t be ignored.

If you’re able to invest in Amazon, you ought to know their latest ad products include: sponsored products, sponsored brands, and multi-page stores. Additionally, Amazon also offers Display ads, Video ads, Custom ads, and ads on the Amazon DSP (demand-side platform). This makes it a perfect marketplace for your business with ads that are likely to realize traction. Its ads are reserved only for those selling products that folks can purchase right this moment. Your Amazon PPC ads also help your organic listings on the location. So if you’re a product-focused business, you’ll adopt Amazon’s trustworthy reputation by advertising here.


AdRoll is a very famous and widely used retargeting platform. Adroll may be a digital marketing and growth marketing platform driven by AI. It is designed to level the speedy field for e-commerce brands by replacing the necessity for a marketing team with AI. Thirty-seven thousand brands currently utilise Adroll to grow their brand awareness and lead generation. AdRoll reaches to the public from all across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other leading networks and exchanges.

AdRoll also provides other products outside of just select. These include prospecting (programmatic display), AdRoll Video, and Ads email retargeting. AdRoll is undoubtedly worth a try if you’re an eCommerce store and looking to enhance your paid marketing campaigns. AdRoll Video Ads also now available for both retargeting and to inspect campaigns and maybe served in-stream and out-stream.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads and Microsoft’s are almost equal to Google Ads. With Google controlling the bulk share of online traffic, it’s easy to write down Microsoft’s Bing Ads as an enquiry engine and PPC platform.

But Microsoft Advertising, Bing Ads, especially, has enormous potential for businesses of all sizes — especially those with smaller budgets. Bing Ads are search ads on the Microsoft Advertising pay-per-click platform. They’re essentially like Google Ads search ads. Both the search and display advertisments are available through the platform. Still, while the advantages are all on the brink of being an equivalent between both platforms in terms of potential and functionality, fewer advertisers are vying for space on this platform.

Bing Ads are valuable because, like Google, they’re ready to capture users who are actively researching or considering a sale.

You can grab these users while they’re researching, tossing your name within the hat even as they’re trying to find options. You’ll often make a purchase therein single interaction, if your ad, landing page, and offer to stand out.

Bing Ads are incredibly useful, and that they offer you an excellent shot to succeed in hyper-specific audiences trying to find exact terms that you’re targeting. It is often because Google features a much larger audience base, but Bing’s network remains to net 23% of the internet’s search traffic, which comes from around 133 million unique users. That’s nothing to shake a stick at.


The most popular discussion board within the world, with 1.6 billion monthly visitors. Reddit is an enormously popular forum-based discussion website where users everywhere the planet come to debate whatever their heart desires. Reddit is home to discussions and communities about any topic you’ll consider .

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It collates daily news from around the web and divides it into ‘subreddits’ supported topics. Content is submitted by its dedicated user base, of which anyone can join, and works on a currency of upvotes. Posts that are the hottest reach its frontpage, whilst its subreddits form online communities brought together by common interests. Reddit’s ad platform isn’t one that tons of marketers have invested in. Again, this suggests less competition, which is best for you.

Compared to Google Ads, the CPC on Reddit ads are considerably cheaper, meaning they’re an excellent thanks to getting relevant users to your site. Your ad campaigns will show up in feeds of subreddits users are browsing, so choosing to focus on by subreddit (which is an option on the platform) is a superb choice. You’ll create relevant, niche copy for every subreddit or area of interest you’re targeting, significantly increasing the likelihood of a click.