Birthday Email Automation with Mailchimp

If you have an ecommerce store, then it is very important that you send birthday emails to your customers once a year.

This not only helps you build customer loyalty but also helps you get repeat customers for your store.

If you are a doctor, retail outlet or you wish to send other annually occurring email messages like anniversary, then also you can follow this article.

Now before we get started, here few things you need to know

  • You have permission to send such emails to users
  • You have mailchimp account, free account would also work.
  • You have your customers birthday in MM/DD format. Example 01/05 (January, 05)
  • You have an email template ready with you.

Step #1 – Update / Create an email list with birthday field

Remember, you need to have birthday field in your email list to send such email. Now for the sake of this article, we are going to use a sample email list to get started.

We created a list of 5 random people with random email addresses in google sheets.

Contact NameContact EmailBirthday (MM/DD)
Ted J. ChristieTedJChristie@r***a.com11/06
Alice V. GilleyAliceVGilley@da***p.com06/27
Ruby PorterRubyPorter@arm***y.com03/11
Jibril Mubarak GuirguisJibrilMubarakGuirguis@tel***rm.us06/11
Gang KangGangKang@rh***a.com02/07
Not Real People

You can see, we have only 3 columns

Contact Name – To store the name of our customer

Contact Email – To store email of our customer

Birthday – To store month and day of birth, notice we don’t need year of birth!

Your list will have more customers compared to our list.

If you have an email list without birthday field, you can add birthday field using any excel software or google sheets.

Step #2 – Create a birthday email campaign

Login to your mailchimp account, and you will see your dashboard. If you don’t have a mailchimp account, then you can signup for mailchimp account.

#1 Click on the pencil icon on the left hand side to create a new campaign.

Click on #1 Customer Journeys button and the click on #2 Start Creating button to start the process

On right hand side, click on #1 Create Drop down and click on #2 Classic Automation

You will see a popup Create an Automation Email, select #1 Say “happy birthday” option.

In the next popup, we will send #1 Single Email, then we will set #2 Campaign Name, in our case we are going to keep it default and #3 Audience, we are going to select an audience which have field of type MM/DD and then finally click #4 Begin button to get started

You will be redirected to a page, #1 make sure you have right date field and then as we can customize #2 trigger we are not going to change the settings and we can also customize when we wish to #3 schedule the email!

After you are statisfied with the settings, simply click on #4 Design Email button

You will be redirected to next screen where you have to define following thing 1 Name your email then you have 2 Email subject, make sure your subject line is catchy, then 3 you have Preview text, which is not compulsory. Now when you send email you have to decide what brand name will appear which you can set on 4 From name and finally we can set 5 From email address which users are going to see, after you are done! Click on 6 Next button to move to next page.

On the Select a template page, to keep this article short we are going to use the the default template. 1 We are going to chose the first template to keep things simple and then finally click on 2 Next button

On next page, we can customize the design of the email which we are going to send. 1 You can design the email as per your choice and once you are satisfied, 2 Click on Save and Continue button to save your design

Mailchimp will ask you to confirm the final settings of your campaign, if you are satisfied simply click on 1 Next button

Now finally check for any important messages on the last page, and once you are ready with your campaign, click on 1 Start Sending Button and there you will get a final popup to confirm, if you are ready, click on 2 Start Sending

If you did everything correct, you will see this screen, and this means your campaign setup has successfully setup.

So we hope this article will help you schedule important emails to your email list.

Important points you should remember while taking this step

  • You should not spam your users
  • Users are aware why they are getting this email
  • Don’t spend emails which you don’t want to receive
  • Keep links as low as possible
  • Send email from secondary domain or subdomain, so your main domain is not affected!

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