How to advertise on Reddit? Step by Step Guide 2021

When it comes down to online advertising, google and facebook are the goto choice for business owners.

But when you are looking for alternative ppc platforms, well reddit is one of them.

The next questions in your mind is, should you be advertising on reddit? Let’s try to understand where reddit stands as a platform

What is reddit?

Reddit is an American social network, which has a major focus on discussion as a platform. Unlike other social networks which are focus towards a single entity, reddit is more focused towards community and power of the community.

The above image is a desktop view of reddit website. You can see how the whole website is content revolves around communities.

Why you should advertise on Reddit?

When it comes to spending money, we always think what is the best way to spend a $ and get the best return on investment.

And when it comes to spending $ on online advertisement, the default answer is always Google and Facebook, be it marketer, business owner or an advertising agency.

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While reddit as a platform is not as big as those platforms, but when we will look some numbers from reddit, we will be able to understand the size of the platform.

As on February 2021, Reddit is

  • 18th most visited website in the world
  • 7th most visited website in US
  • About 42 – 49.3% users from United States
  • Around 7.9 – 8.2% from United Kingdom
  • And about 5.2 – 7.8% from Canada.

And when it comes to usage of the, 22% of US adults ages 18 – 29 and 14% adults aged 30 – 49 regularly consume content on reddit.

And when it comes to daily actives users, reddit has 52 million.

Reddit has 52 million daily active users

But that is not all, reddit has 430 million monthly active users on their platform

Unlike other social networks which revolve around ❤️ and 👍🏽 reddit revolves around communities.

Yes, reddit is more about hey I like this, you like this, let’s talk about it! And when you visit reddit homepage, you are treated with trending communities and communities around your interest!

As a business this is a very good chance for you reach out to your potential customers, because you already know their interest and what triggers their taste buds(not literally)

And when you visit a community, you are presented with communities which are around that community, they are known as Related Communities

This proves to be very important especially when you are going to put money on reddit.

Creating your first ad on Reddit!

If you have never advertised on reddit, well in this blog, we are going to cover step by step and help you understand the process of advertising on reddit.

As we assume that you are a new to this platform, so we are going to create a new account for the sake of keeping everything same for you.

Step 1 – Visit reddit advertising homepage

Visit to get started, you will be treated with a homepage which speaks about advertising on this platform.

Do note, currently there is no mobile website or app to create an ad from a smart phone, so you will need a desktop to create an ad on reddit.

Step #2 – Click on Advertise on Reddit

On the homepage, you can see a big call to action button, which is saying Advertise on Reddit and has a background of orange, click on that button!

Step #3 – Create a new account to advertise on reddit

In this step you have to provide the details of the account which will be used to create, run and manage advertisement on reddit platform.

Notice, if you already have an account, you can click sign in to avoid creating new account.

You will have to provide following details, to register a new account

1) Company username to appear on ads – this is something which appears when you run ads on reddit, make sure your username is unique and represents your brand very well.

2) Password – Create a safe and secure password.

3) Company Name – Legal name of the company, this name will be used while sending invoice for creating ads on reddit platform.

4) Business Email Address – Reddit will send all important emails, notifications and alerts to this email address, if you don’t have you can also use or These email addresses are also accepted!

5) First name – Enter your first name, you can use owner name or your own name if you are advertising on behalf of your company.

6) Last name – Enter your last name.

7) Business Phone Number – You can enter your business phone number here, but this is optional so you may skip this field.

8) Industry – Mention which industry your products or services belong to, it will help reddit learn better about your business and help you optimize your ads.

9) Country – Mention your current residing country, it is always recommend to choose country which you will be using for your billing address if required in future.

10) I work with or at an advertising agency – Optional

11) Sign Up – Once you are done, hit sign up to get started!

After you hit sign up, you are redirected to a page where on top they ask you two things

1) Verify Email – You need to verify your email address before you can get your ads approved!

2) Add billing – You need to add your credit card, don’t worry they are not going to charge you right now! They will only charge you once your ads are running! But if you want reddit team to review your ads and approve them, you need to add your billing details!

We recommend complete both the steps, it is only going to help you in the longer run!

Step #4 – Create your very first campaign

To create your first campaign on reddit, you need to click on Create Campaign button on your homepage.

You will be redirect to a very minimalist page to create an ad, it has many parts and we are going to cover every point one by one.

In order to keep it very simple, we are going to start with Campaign tab! It is already selected for you when you create a new campaign!

1) Name – When you are advertising on reddit, you need name to identify the whole campaign, it could be something like, new year campaign or early bird sales! This is something which is going to stay with you and won’t be visible to audience of reddit.

2) Funding – By default, you will be paying for your ads via credit card. Since we cannot do much here, we will move to the next step!

3) Objective – This is most important aspect of creating ads on reddit, here you as a business define what is your end goal with reddit platform. And unlike other platforms, reddit has pre defined end goals for marketers and business.

🔈 Brand Awareness and Reach

When you wish increase awareness around your brand, this is the best objective you can choose from.

This helps reddit put your ad in front of people who are likely going to get to know about your products or services and may use in future.

And as mentioned, you are charged for per thousand impressions

🖱️ Traffic

As the name specifies, this objective is going bring redditors to your landing page.

You should use this if you wish to get more traffic to your landing page! But this type of campaign is not suggested if you have something more than just brining people to your page.

Here you will be charged for per click bases

💪🏽 Conversion

If you building a email subscriber list, want people to signup for a free trail or even buy your offerings, then conversion objective is for you. Here reddit not only optimize your ads for people who will click on your ad, but also people who are going to take action.

Suppose you are selling a course, if you have targeted your ad right! Reddit is going to find best suitable people who are actually going to convert. Of course not everything is dependent on reddit, there are 1000’s of things which enables user to take action once they visit your landing page.

Here also you will be charge for per click bases but here you can optimize to bring down the cost.

😄 Video Views

As name suggests, this will help you increase number of view on your video.

Ideally this will be something useful if you are a big business, and when you are running a brand awareness campaign via video, this type of objective is going to best suit your requirements.

Here you will be charge for per view bases.

🔽 App Installs

This will help you increase your app installs, this type of campaign is supported for both iOS and Android phones.

These campaign are designed only to increase the downloads for your apps, and they only run for specific operating system. You cannot ask android users to download iOS apps and vice versa.

Here you will be charged for per click bases.

So before creating an ad, please make sure that you choose a right objective so reddit can help you get better results from their platform.

For sake of this article, we are going to choose Brand Awareness and Reach as our objective. In future we will post more stuff around other objectives.

After putting all details, simply now click on Continue!

You will be presented with options to customize who will see your ad.

Step #5 – Cherry pick your target audience

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